A catalogue of Tibetan Manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries

MS. Tibet. a. 24 (R)

Younghusband Expedition Collection

The volume Ka of the rNying ma rgyud 'bum


NOTE: This record has yet to be fully checked.

Margin title: rgyud

This is the first volume of the rNying ma rGyud 'bum manuscript. The rest of the collection is in the British Library.

Incipit: rgya gar skad du /_sar+ba d+harma mahA san ti bo de tsi ta ku la ya rA dza/_bod skad du /_chos thams cad rdzogs pa chen po byang chub kyi sems kun byed rgyal po //_bcom ldan 'das byang chub kyi sems kun byed rgyal po la phyag 'tshal lo//_'di skad bshad pa'i dus na/
Explicit: rgyud 'di 'dzin pa ni sangs rgyas nyid do//_thams cad sangs rgyas pa'i phyir 'khor ba ka dag go//_'di 'dzin pa ni kun tu bzang po'o//_thams cad rang byung ye shes yin pa'i phyir ro//_rin po che gser gling na rdo dang sa mi snang ba ltar 'khor ba da dag ste rang byung ye shes nyid do //_bram ze rgyas pa'i rgyud las rgyud yongs su gtad pa'i le'u ste bcu drug pa'o//_bram ze rgyas pa'i rgyud rdzogs so//_ye d+harmA .. mahA shra ma NaH//_sar+ba mang+ga laM//
Language(s): Tibetan

Physical Description

Form: roll
Support: Paper
Extent: 293 ff [296?]
Dimensions (leaf): 125 × 570 cm.
Dimensions (written): 80 × 500 cm.





dbu can (black ink)

The verso of folio 1 and recto of folio 2 are in gold


There are miniature paintings of Rig 'dzin Tshe dbang Nor bu, Padmasambhava, Mandarava and Ye shes mTsho rgyal, Hung chen Ka ra, Samantabhadra and Amitabha


Provenance and Acquisition

S.C. 34697. 17 March 1909, purchased from Sotheby's (London), lot 288. 


Bodleian: Special Collections Reading Room.