A catalogue of Tibetan Manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries

MS. Tibet. b. 24.23 (R)

Younghusband Expedition Collection

The wrathful offering of homa


NOTE: This record has yet to be fully checked.

Incipit: sva sti/_'dir rdo rje mkha' 'gro'i sbyin sreg gi cho ga sgrub par 'dod pas/_mdun du spos phor sogs su me chu til dang bcas pa bshams la/_bdag gi tshe 'khor ba thog ma med pa nas bsags pa'i sdig sgrib thams cad yi ge sam nag po'i rnam par gnas pa lte ba'i gtum mo ye shes kyi mes ded/
Explicit: tshul 'di ni rdo rje mkha' 'gro las/_sam gyur sdig pa mi zad pa sna yi sgo nas phyungs nas ni/_me dang chu la blug par bya/_zhes gsungs pa bzhin no//_ces pa'ang 'gyur med rdo rje s spel ba'o//_1 zhus dag//
Language(s): Tibetan

Physical Description

Form: roll
Support: Paper
Extent: 2 ff [3 ff?]
Dimensions (leaf): 70 × 350 cm.
Dimensions (written): 40 × 290 cm.





dbu med (black ink)


Provenance and Acquisition

S.C. 33641, 33735. 25 Sept. 1905, donation by the Government of India.


Bodleian: Special Collections Reading Room.