A catalogue of Tibetan Manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries

MS. Tibet. b. 24.25 (R)

Younghusband Expedition Collection

The manual for the recitation of mantras of Avalokiteśvara


NOTE: This record has yet to be fully checked.

This is a supplement to the Avalokiteśvara practice, sNying gi rgya can, from the collection of the fifth Dalai Lama's secret visionary teachings of gSang ba rgya can.

Incipit: na maH gu ru lo ke shva ra ye/_'phags mchog 'jig rten dbang phyug pad kar 'dzin// zhing 'dir ngur smrig 'dzin pa'i rnam rol gyis//_bdag sogs gdul byar smin grol mchog stsol ba'i//_kun mkhyen bla ma'i zhabs pad spyi bos mchod//
Explicit: de ltar bsnyen yig 'dod dgu'i char 'bebs 'di//_dge slong dbang phyug rgya mtsho s bskul ba ltar//_bla ma thams cad mkhyen des rjes gzung ba'i//_dge slong bya bral pad 'phrin 'bod des sbyar//_'di dges 'gro ba'i nyon mongs tsha gdung kun//_rab bcil phan dang bde ba'i gru char gyis//_sku bzhi'i sa bon dar drag rab smin te//_lus can gnas skabs thar thug dge gyur cig//_gcig zhus//
Language(s): Tibetan

Physical Description

Form: roll
Support: Paper
Extent: 5 ff
Dimensions (leaf): 65 × 410 cm.
Dimensions (written): 50 × 360 cm.





dbu med (black ink)


Provenance and Acquisition

S.C. 33641, 33735. 25 Sept. 1905, donation by the Government of India.


Bodleian: Special Collections Reading Room.