A catalogue of Tibetan Manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries

MS. Tibet. a. 15 (R)

Younghusband Expedition Collection

The Ka volume of the Twenty-Five Thousand Verse Perfection of Wisdom


NOTE: This record has yet to be fully checked.

Margin title: nyi khri
Incipit: rgya gar skad du /_pan tsa bing sha ri sa ha sri ka pradz+&A pa ra mi tA/_bod skad du/_shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa stong phrag nyi shu lnga pa/_bam po dang po/_'di skad bdag gis thos pa'i dus gcig na/_bcom ldan 'das rgyal po'i khab kyi ri/_bya rgod 'phungs pa la/
Explicit: mi rtag cing mi brtan la/_ther zug ma yin 'gyur ba'i chos can te/_dngos po med pas de'i phyir/_theg pa chen po 'dis/_lha dang /_mi dang /_lha ma yin du bcas pa'i 'jig rten zil gyis mnan te 'byung ba yin no//_ye d+har ma ... shra ma NaH//_sar+ba mang+ga laM//
Language(s): Tibetan


Derge: 0009
Peking: 0731

Physical Description

Form: roll
Support: Paper
Extent: 305 ff
Dimensions (leaf): 250 × 710 cm.
Dimensions (written): 140 × 600 cm.
Foliation: The book has volume marker ka. Folio 111 is missing




Two circles of about 2.8 diameter appear on each page


dbu can (black ink)


The title page / first folio is on a board much shorter (47 cm) than the text. It is perhaps sawn down to this size. There are two miniature paintings of Buddha 'Khor ba 'jig and Buddha Kanakamuni, done separately and gummed to the board. The page is ornamented with a design placed between the two initial strokes, showing a flaming jewels, embellished with two small corals (originally three). In between letter in the line, there are also two circular designs depicting sacred vase decorated with inset coral and tiny torquoise on the top. The left one has lost it coral. The gold letter are embossed rising 2-3milimetres and the mantra of Kālacakra is written on the two initial strokes. The page has two layers of silk cover. Folio 2 recto has some floral designs running down the left and right margins as decorations.


Provenance and Acquisition

S.C. 33629, 33723. 25 Sept. 1905, donation by the Government of India. (Donated with mss. a.12, a.13 & a.14).


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