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MS. Tibet. b. 24.8 (R)

Younghusband Expedition Collection

A manual for the ritual of gZa' deity from the rDor sems snying thig cycle of rDo rje Gling pa


NOTE: This record has yet to be fully checked.

A liturgy for the four stage ritual to invoke the gZa' deity. This ritual belongs to the rDo rje sems dpa' snying thig of gTer ston rDo rje Gling pa.

Incipit: bdag 'dra pad+ma 'byung gnas kyis : rdo rje sems dpa' snying thig gyis : bka' bsrungs gza'i gsad bsgrubs bshad : 'di la bsnyan bsgrubs las sbyor gsum : dang po snyan pa bya ba ni : tshes grang brgyad la dus bzang la : gza' gshos cig la brgyad kyis bskor :
Explicit: gtor ma dgra'i sha khrag du bas sam : tsa ka li dang gzugs snang thams cad gza'i dmag dang dpungs bsam la 'bul : mchod pa'i rim pa ni sha khrag 'bru chang chang 'phur phran spos dkar gsum sogs sa gsham mo : rgyal sras rdo rje gling pa 'i gter ma'o : shin tu zab/_kha thaM : snying dang 'dra ba ma rtogs su thos thos la mi gter : sbyin na sdig che ba : gsang rgya : zhus dag dge : brda thim gong tshig thim sar+ba mang+ga lam : bkra shis :
Language(s): Tibetan

Physical Description

Form: roll
Support: Paper
Extent: 6 ff
Dimensions (leaf): 70 × 325 cm.
Dimensions (written): 50 × 300 cm.





dbu med (black ink)


Provenance and Acquisition

S.C. 33641, 33735. 25 Sept. 1905, donation by the Government of India.


Bodleian: Special Collections Reading Room.